Investigations of biomolecular systems : Interplay between theory and experiment

l’Association Jeunes-Science de Tunisie en collaboration avec le Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Atomique Moléculaire et Applications organise un Workshop intitulé :                                                                                                    Investigations of biomolecular systems : Interplay between theory and experiment. 

Le workshop aura lieu le 25 & 26 November 2016 à Sousse, Tunisie.




Thursday, November 24, 2016
18h:00 Reception and registration at Orient Palace Hotel.
Friday, November 25, 2016
08h:00 Reception and registration at Orient Palace Hotel.
08h:45 Opening congress
09h:00 Pr. Majdi Hochlaf :

Spectroscopic characterisation of small S-nitrosothiols and investigation of their role on biological processes.

9h:50 Pr. Raabe Gerhard Paul
Studying the chirality of molecular systems using experimental and theoretical CD spectra.
10h:40 Coffee break
11h:10 Pr. Ulli Englert
X-Ray crystallography and electron density Determination of small molecules.
12h:00 Pr. Alexander Alijah

Accurate non-adiabatic calculations of rovibrational states of small molecules.

12h:50 Lunch
14h:30 Pr. Bahoueddine Tangour

Confinement inside nanostructured materials.

15h:20 Pr. Salima Boughdiri

DFT study of metal complex: RuH2(CO)2(AsMe2Ph).

16h:10 Coffee break + poster session
17h:00 Dr. Neila Terzi
Ab initio calculation of spectroscopic caracteristics of multicharged
aluminum oxides ((AlxOy)q, x=1,2 ;y=1, 2 ; q=0,1,2,3).
17h:20 Dr. Yosra Mekini
17h:40 Dr. Mahjoubi Khaled
Spectroscopic study of small molecules trapped in rare gas environments.
Saturday, November 26, 2016
9h:00 Dr. Eric ruelland
Biological Methods in plant signaling.
9h:50 Dr. Halima Mouhib
Comparative Studies of Odorants and flavors in different states of aggregations.
10h:40 Coffee break + poster session
11h:10 Dr. Sameh Ayadi
Theoretical investigations towards an understanding of oxydation reaction from bicyclic terpenes: DFT study.
12h:00 Dr. Sabri Messaoudi
Application of quantum chemistry on molecules and solids.
12h:20 Dr. Noura Khémiri Comparison between DFT methods and semi empirical methods in interpreting the energetic profiles of the fulleropyrrolidine synthesis.
12h:40 Lunch
14 h:00 Pr. Laurent Wiesenfeld
14 h:50 Dr. Mohamed Taieb Ben Dhia
15 h:10 Dr. Nabil Omri
Addition of Tryptophan-Methylester on [60]Fullerene: A semi empirical method and density functional theory investigations.
15 h:30 Melle Safa Ben Amara
Correlation effects in diatomic molecules.
16h:10 Closing congress

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